Bladnoch 23 Rare Malts Selection [Feather’s Flight Review Set #18]

Bladnoch 23 Rare Malts Selection 1.jpg

Each year I am brought out to The Feathers Pub, Toronto for my birthday. Some years multiple times. This year, just once, and that’s okay by me. Too much of a good thing and that.

So typically I try to hit each region of Scotland. Except Campbeltown, because by the end I’m a little knackered.

But what order to you go in? Well I’ve always said that Lowlands should go first. The lighter, floral aspect of Lowland malts typically means that aspects of them can be lost if drank after. Also I need to have dinner part way through, and Lowlands are nicer as an aperitif.

So what did I start with? Why Bladnoch 23 Rare Malts Selection, of course.

Bladnoch has recently seen it’s doors reopen, under new management. This came out before, when it was owned by United Distillers, who later became Diageo. Or after. It’s hard…

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