Port Ellen 24 1978 [Feather’s Flight Review Set #18]

Port Ellen 24 1978 2.jpg

Each year I am brought out to The Feathers Pub, Toronto for my birthday. Some years multiple times. This year, just once, and that’s okay by me. Too much of a good thing and that.

Finishing up with a Port Ellen. Because… duh.

Port Ellen is another one of those distilleries that is opening up again. And it makes us wonder, what Port Ellen will we receive? How many of the stills, and practices, and all that, will be preserved?

And what will young Port Ellen taste like? Will it need to be cask strength, or older, or finished? We don’t know.

However we are lucky enough (well, some of us) to still have some earlier editions to still try. To get into our heads (through out mouths, preferably) before new ones pop up.

Thus I’ll be reviewing one of these, Port Ellen 24 1978. After the success of…

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