Compass Box No Name

Compass Box No Name 1.jpg

Thanks to my wife for this bottle, a birthday present.

At my core, I’m a peat head. Yes, as years have gone by I’ve gone from that guy who loves a strong peated whisky that is super young and brash and powerful to a subtle ex-bourbon cask that takes an hour to dissect.

So I’m a snob, basically.

However that young whisky drinker isn’t completely dead. He still loves peat, strong ass powerful stuff, and crazy drams that make everyone in the room wonder if I’m secretly hiding a campfire in my jacket.

So when Compass Box announced Compass Box No Name, I was excited. The rumours state that it’s older Caol Ila and younger Ardbeg, however I found someone else stating that the Ardbeg is the older part, and really, age isn’t what I’m here for (while I’d love if they were allowed to state it for the…

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