Glen Keith 24 1992 Signatory Cask Strength

Glen Keith 24 1992 Signatory Cask Strength 1.jpg

Being a whisky fan comes down to learning and understanding one thing.

You’re going to find distilleries you enjoy. Due to the nature of capitalism, they are going to go out of fashion. They will water down their whisky, make too little, be in high demand and go up in price, or fire the main person behind their whisky. Or they pass away.

We’ve seen it countless times, and I’m not going to list out the distilleries that it’s currently happening to. That’s unprofessional, and if nothing, I draw the line at rude, vile comments and not unprofessional.

That’s not to say that there can be good releases from a distillery “on the decline”. Or that we will agree on what a “decline” is.

The positive side to this is there’s distilleries going up. Now to find them. And of course, we won’t agree on them. And we don’t know…

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