Dalmore 25 1990 Cadenhead’s Single Cask

Dalmore 25 Cadenhead Single Cask 2

Contrary to what my typical reviews are, my whisky budget isn’t the equivalent of some small nations that are still reeling from much larger nations historically screwing them over.

That’s the academic term.

So when asked if I wanted to split Dalmore 25 1990 Cadenhead Single Cask, I can’t tell you why I agreed to it.

Let me be clear: I have nothing against Dalmore as a distillery, nor Cadenhead. Heck I’ve made sure to visit Cadenhead every chance I’ve gotten (Three. I know, I’m amazing).

I just know what I typically like. That all said, it was the holidays, I was given some money for Xmas, we were drinking, I was offered, it was a crazy time.

Oh, and the reviews were good. That helped as well.

I’ve spoken in the past about Dalmore being hard to pin down. They release their cask strength offerings at a high…

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