Glen Grant 18

Glen Grant 18 2

Thanks to /u/cake_my_day for this sample

Recently Glen Grant 18 was awarded the Whisky of the Year by a specific whisky book. Well, it was one of three, and was the only Scotch.

As we all know, different whisky reviewers will tell you different things. I may tell you about high end whiskies, and will rate them on quality without price. Thus someone who doesn’t have the money or time to try them out would feel my reviews aren’t that helpful.

I’m limited by what I buy and what I can swap for. And since I’ve reviewed a lot of the standard OBs, and OBs tend to cost more and aren’t as cask strength as I’d like them to be.

But perhaps I should try and fix that every so often. Let’s start with Glen Grant 18.

Beyond the award, what’s the deal with Glen Grant 18? Well…

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