The Wild Geese Rare, Single Malt, and Limited Edition Fourth Centennial

The Wild Geese 1.jpg

As we come upon St. Patrick’s Day, it’s that time of year where Irish Whiskies have a sudden surge in purchases.

I recently had the chance to have more and more Irish whiskies from the batch of samples that I bought on my trip to Ireland. Irish Whiskey is the one of the fastest growing whiskey’s in the whiskey world. It used to account for 60% of all whiskey sold, until a solid collection of bad events sunk the industry and the amount of distilleries.

Cooley, at one point, was for many years (24, it’s a lot to a New Worlder), the only independent Irish distillery. In 2011 Beam Suntory purchased them, and now they are part of the Kilbeggan Distilling Company.

So where does The Wild Geese come in? Well this brand of Irish Whiskey is,from what I can see, produced by the Avalon Group Inc. which sources the…

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