Temple Bar Signature Blend, 10 Single Malt, & 15 Single Malt

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I want you to take a moment to imagine a simpler time. Not better, just with less information for each person to have and less overall health and more overall violence and a general inability for most people to care for their fellow human being based on silly things like different cultures.

All set? Yes, it’s hell on earth. Doubly so if you are not male, not white, or land owning, or gay, or heck, let’s be honest, are Irish, but let’s Disney it up a little for this particular aspect of that history. We aren’t throwing those things out, we’re just… having a fantasy where they didn’t happen, all while accepting it’s very much a fantasy because the other aspects are horrible and we don’t want those back while having these few things back.

So it’s like going to the movies.

Great, we’re on the same page now. Okay…

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