Ardbeg 18 1993 Master of Malt Single Cask

ardbeg 18 1993 single cask master of malt 2.jpg

Welcome to a new series I’m calling “I’m Ar-begging you to stop making these puns”, in which I review all of the Ardbeg samples I’ve had sitting around, unreviewed.

When discussing Ardbeg, there’s certainly a line drawn in the sand. You have the 1970s whisky, back before they were reopened, which is legendary. Which I feel I can say because I’m amazing. No, that’s not the reason at all. I’m saying it because I’ve had a few 70s Ardbegs and enjoyed them. That’s more likely. And humble.

I’m so humble.

None the less, there’s a line between 90s juice and 70s juice. And yes, I know it’s not made from juice, that’s a colloquial term.

Since we’re now in the late part of the 10s, we start seeing Ardbeg release, either by themselves, or through independent bottlers, older releases. Thus the questions we can start asking are:

  • Does older Ardbeg…

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