Glen Garioch 15: The Renaissance – Chapter I [For Real this Time]

Glen Garioch 15 Renaissance 1st Chapter.jpg

Thanks to /u/throzen for bringing this dram to our latest tasting (that I’ve written up).

So I’m in a bar in Dublin a year ago, and they don’t have the Irish whiskey I wanted. So I order a Scotch. The bartender isn’t that well trained. Based on the alcohol percentage, and me being very full (food was great) and maybe drunk (did I not mention I was in Dublin?), I write it down all funny like.

Thus I assume that I reviewed Glen Garioch 15: The Renaissance – Chapter I. When I get back, somehow the LCBO has stock of both Chapter II and I. No, I didn’t say that incorrectly, they released Chapter II first, because fuck Ontario.

So I buy the one I haven’t had, to share with people. I am one of those people who actually like the fact that Glen Garioch is unpeated.

During another…

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