Glen Breton Rare 19 Ice Cask Strength Single Malt

Glen Breton 19 Ice.jpg

So in our group, I’m at the heart of an odd, but fun situation. Anyone who has either drank with me or have read my mystery reviews knows I am bad at them. Also anyone who knows me knows that I speak with confidence when discussing anything, because I worked in marketing, and literally if you don’t act like you know 100% of everything all the time, no one will listen and you won’t get promoted and will be ignored.

It’s a very helpful, healthy way of working (this is sarcasm).

Due to this happy coincidence, my friends like to find whiskies that I should be able to guess, but are very difficult to guess as mysteries. So the usually confident person is proved wrong, while we all have fun reviewing.

Last tasting (that I’ve written up) was my turn to bring a mystery. And I delivered, with noone (save…

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