Teeling 9 Single Cask Port Cask [Re-review]

Teeling 9 Single Cask Port.jpg

So I’m at the Teeling distillery. A year ago. And I have a choice between a few single casks they have. Two of them are fill your own bottles.

That’s exciting. I want to do that. I’ve never done that. I’ve been around when someone else did that, sure, but I’ve never done it.

So now I have two options (I bought the other one). Do I buy Teeling 9 Single Cask Port Cask, or do I purchase Teeling 25 Single Cask Ex-bourbon Cask?

Based on the formatting, you know which one I purchased. See I asked around, and the 9 year was an interesting, unique whisky. The 25 was a subtle, almost Lowland Scotch single malt. Most people weren’t fans, it was more for whiskey nerds.

So I purchased the 9 year. This is a re-review, as I tried it at the distillery before hand. Why did I…

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