Balvenie 21 Portwood [Re-Review]

Balvenie 21.jpg

Thanks to whiskytanuki for taking the amazing pics at the recent tasting.

Recently the Toronto Whisky Society was privileged enough to have a Balvenie tasting. And not just any Balvenie tasting, but one with Jame Johnson, our resident Brand Ambassador slash co-host of The Whisky Topic. And I was happy enough to join.

The line-up was pretty epic, however as a biased person who likes Balvenie (cause I’m a sucker for honey) I had reviewed quite a bit of it.

However I had thought I hadn’t reviewed the 40% of Balvenie 21 Portwood. This is David Stewart’s favourite whisky, and there are three different versions: One at 40%, one at 43%, and one at 47%.

Since I last had it in Scotland at a bar, and enjoyed it so much then, I assumed (incorrectly) that it had been one of the higher percentages. I mean, the 40% was made…

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