Balvenie 14 2002 Peat Week

Balvenie 14 Peat Week.jpg

Thanks to whiskytanuki for taking the amazing pics at the recent tasting.

With Spring slowly coming, we all do some spring cleaning. Well those of us who don’t show up on TLC reality shows do at least.

For some distilleries, doing runs of unpeated whisky or peated whisky is very similar. They spring clean their distilleries with it. However Balvenie 14 2002 Peat Week is different, as it’d be silly to clean with peat.

So in 2001, David Steward and Ian Miller decided they’d make a peated whisky. Clean out the old ideas, try something new. And they used Highland Peat, which is missing those salty elements we’re used to. The malt is peated to 30 ppm, and then laid down.

So after all this time we’ve seen the result, Balvenie 14 2002 Peat Week. Aged in ex-bourbon casks, limited run, and at the stronger strength of Balvenies.


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