Glenlivet Cipher

Glenlivet Cipher.jpg

Thanks to /u/Davyj0nes for this sample.

I’m on the fence as to what to think about the Glenlivet Mystery line.

No, it’s not officially called that. I’m just calling it that.

For those of you not in the know (don’t feel bad, I myself only just read about the three releases), Glenlivet has a puckish side. Or perhaps a marketing side.

As I said, I’m torn.

Getting back on track, Glenlivet has released three scotches in black bottles meant as a mystery. The first one was Glenlivet Alpha, which was a limited release of 3,350 bottles. Information about it was slowly teased out to the public. It ended up being a 50% release.

Then came Glenlivet Cipher, which again was teased out. We now know it was 48%, and made up of First-fill sherry and first-fill ex-bourbon, non-chillfiltered, with no colour added, and had a larger release. Also a…

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