Speyside 43 1973 Maltbarn

Speyside 43 Maltbarn.jpg

Thanks to Igor for pouring this dram.

Last year I was lucky enough to have tried the best whisky of the year according to Serge at Whisky Fun. That’s pretty cool.

Because everyone has different opinions. So it’s interesting when we differ. There’s some reviewers where I wonder about their opinion. There’s no reviewers that agree with my thoughts exactly. What a nut job they would be.

Thus it was pretty cool for both of us to choose the same Scotch of the year.

His second place was similar, as it too was from an unknown Speyside distillery, distilled in 1973, independently bottled at cask strength, and 43 years old. Yes, I’m talking about Speyside 43 1973 Maltbarn.

I was served this blind. And for what will be one of only two or three times, I nearly guess it correctly. I just couldn’t remember my words. Perhaps due…

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