Bunnahabhain 34 1980 Single Malts of Scotland

Bunnahabhain 34 1980 Single Malts of Scotland 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/Theslicknick6 for the sample.

And with this, we end the “Bunna-have you any more sir?” series, in which I go through my backlog of way, WAY too many Bunnahabhains and review them.

I hope you weren’t expecting another 2,000 reviews in which I try and hit every single one. I have tried to cover as many as possible, however there’s some that I just couldn’t get my hands on. A certain newest one that I’m not going to mention but say that there’s been enough hype so I won’t give it the 200 or less people who will read this.

However given all that, I should aim for an Independent Bottler who I don’t normally see, Single Malts of Scotland, a division of Specialty Brands Drinks Agency, all named by someone who doesn’t fuck around when it comes to names. I assume he lives in a house on…

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