Ardmore SMWS 66.57 “Asian delight”

SMWS 66.57.jpg

Thanks to /u/throzen for sharing a dram of this one.

Think of something that’s tough to order: Sex on the Beach. I was one of those dirtbag bartenders who once made a joke when a woman ordered one. I still feel like a giant pile of excrement, yet without the ability to grow things, based on that comment.

I was a moron.

Thus when I asked someone to pass me Ardmore SMWS 66.57 “Asian delight”, the two Asian people in the room had an argument of who gets to have sex with me.

I deserved that.

Ardmore is one of those whiskies that I have a hard time believing they make rough stuff. And then someone points out a review that I’ve done and mention I’m not THAT in love with them. However lately I’ve had some good ones, enjoying the peatiness, the different earthiness, and chocolate that I…

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