Laphroaig 11 2014 Dun Bheaghan

Laphroaig 11 Dun Bheagan.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a dram of this one.

The last tasting… wait, let me rephrase that: The last tasting I was able to write down had a rarity at it: A random Laphroaig sitting out that I hadn’t gotten to.

Don’t let me say I’m somehow king of reviewing Laphroaig. I’m far and away from that particular crown, and am happy for it. Laphroaig is tasty and fun and all, however I can’t keep up, not just with some of my friends, but the general internet seems to be ahead of me normally.

Case in point: Laphroaig 11 2014 Dun Bheaghan came out 4 years ago (where has all the time gone), is seemingly an independently bottled ex-bourbon, young Laphroaig. Is it cask strength? If so, that’s some greedy angels. I lean towards a no on that one.

Otherwise, let’s see what half a percentage more alcohol, only…

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