Heaven Hill 8 Valinch & Mallet Young Masters Collection

Heaven Hill 8 Valinch & Mallett.jpg

Finally getting to another tasting we had. The theme (because they always have to have a theme) of this one? All Bourbon. No world whisky or scotch allowed.

And after debating the order of multiple bourbons that we all haven’t had, some of which have no reviews online (the horror). And once we agreed that we should look at alcohol, mashbill, and whatever I made up to seem relevant, we decided Heaven Hill 8 Valinch & Mallet Young Masters Collection should go first.

Which is what I brought. Yes, by this point it’s almost become a trope of mine (and not a bad one in this case) that I bought an independently bottled Heaven Hill. I enjoy Heaven Hill’s spirit, I like finding bourbons that were bottled in Europe (as I prefer the flavour profile of flowing flavours over strong, independent flavours that don’t need no man!).

But who is…

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