Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel

Russells Reserve Single Barrel.jpg

Thanks to /u/blaw84 for sharing a sample at the most recent tasting (that I’ve written up).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m afraid of Americans, I’m scared of their guns more.

Wait, no, that’s a David Bowie line, not something I said.

Rather what I typically say is this: When it comes to bourbon, I’m cursed. When it comes to what I’ve reviewed, Wild Turkey is my worst.

Wait, no that’s Cat Stevens.

What I’m saying is that I really should need to review more Wild Turkey offerings, especially given the love it gets on Reddit and the sheer selection. Granted I don’t visit Japan, otherwise I’d be able to try more. And I don’t think I’ll be hitting the US soon, what with the whole insanity going on down there.

So perhaps there’s a reason I haven’t had more of it. Thus this pick by…

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