Macallan Classic Cut

Macallan Classic Cut.jpg

Thanks to /u/jeremyheavy  for this sample.

A long time ago I gave one of my highest scores to Macallan Cask Strength, aka Macallan Sherry Cask Cask Strength, aka probably some other name with an age statement that was before my time.

I gave this score just as Macallan had announced they had to pull this whisky from the market in order to meet demand. Which was sad.

Years later I hear a rumour that it’s coming back. And since I mention the fact that I’m down to my last couple ounces (stored in a separate boston round bottle to avoid oxidization), this seems like a good plan.

But I’ve been burned before. And we’re not just talking about my love of baking. Or my inability to take heat. Or my love of BBQing. Or that time I stepped on hot coals.

So I hunted down a sample of Macallan…

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