Benrinnes 19 1997 Old Malt Cask Hunter Laing (K&L Exclusive)

Benrinnes 19 1997 OMC HL K&L 1.jpg

Thanks to /u/nsquare14 for sending me some samples. Really appreciate these, as he sent me some I’ve never reviewed as a thank you for the reviews.

Little bit of a rant here, with hopes that someone reads it that can do something.

There’s no such thing as a whisky, from a distillery, that you can buy and, just based on it coming from that distillery, ensure that it’s good.

No shit, right? However with the Port Ellens, Rosebanks, Broras, and the one I’ll be speaking of today, I’d wager that a lot of companies out there really, really hope you assume that.

Benrinnes tastes good from a sherry cask. Yes, there are some exceptions to that rule. There always are. However there’s recently been a large amount of ex-bourbon Benrinnes show up on the market.

Benrinnes 19 1997 Old Malt Cask Hunter Laing (K&L Exclusive) is one such one. Now…

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