Macallan Edition No .1 & Macallan Edition No .2 & Macallan Edition No .3

Thanks to /u/scotchchick & /u/distillasian & /u/smokedherring for the samples.

I’ll admit that I have a bit of a sample issue. In that, I have so many samples that my diamond studded mansion has trouble housing them all.

Get it? Because it’s a first world problem and I feel guilty mentioning it!

What having too many samples and too much respect for my liver does is I miss out on new releases. Add to that I live in the whisky dessert of Canada, and I do miss some of them.

Enter the Macallan Edition series. Something that is so up my alley you’d think I was a city where it lives.

The idea? After years of hearing people ask for a higher end Macallan, the company was able to release one. These are limited runs. They are not cask strength, however, they are not “accountant strength” either (40%). They use…

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