Teeling 15 The Revival Vol. 1 & Vol. 4

Teeling. Many people have heard about it, and I personally have written quite a bit in the past.

What do we need to know though? None of this. Really, it’s all for fun and really just something I do for fun. And you read it for fun. That’s a great thing otherwise, as I’m pretty sure it stops us all from going insane and attacking ourselves like it’s the Purge.

So in my need to keep humanity from losing their minds and potentially killing each other and fucking what remains, I’ll dive into a brief version:

Teeling used to be a distillery in the Liberties, one of many that were there before the Irish whiskey industry went through its own version of the Purge, though with slightly more death.

Eventually, the Teeling family started up the distillery again, and to celebrate it coming back from the dead they released The…

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