Teeling 21 Vintage Reserve – Silver Bottling & Teeling 26 1987 Gold Reserve

Teeling 21 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for the sample of Teeling 21.

Teeling was established recently. Very recently. And is currently running their three stills quite hard, using innovative casks, and overall being impressive.

However, the question most usually have is this: “How in the heck do they have older releases?” They source their whisky. That’s really the only answer. From where? No official statement. It is from an Irish distillery, and it is triple distilled.

Like a lot of different places, that’s probably a smart way to start out. Source some single casks, get your name going and grow your brand. Eventually, people sing your praises and scream your name from the rooftop. We see that with Willett and Liddesdale (spelling in question on that second one).

I haven’t had many chances to try out the Silver and Gold bottlings. The Teeling 21 Vintage Reserve – Silver Bottling, up first, is…

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