Kilchoman 4 2010 – Single Quarter Cask Release (cask 582/2010)

Kilchoman 4 2010 - Single Quarter Cask Release 2.jpg

New series called “There will be Kilchoman till the score is paid”, in which I review Kilchoman until I run out of Kilchoman.

It’s a simple concept.

With Kilchman, you have to accept that Bruichladdich isn’t the only company that can come out with tons of releases from Islay. You also have to accept that single cask releases are the bulk of what’s out there.

This is very hard for me, as sometimes I approach whisky tasting like video games, and need to complete everything. Not to mention the only DLC for whisky tasting is having a bunch of money, of which I’m still working on.

So I was lucky enough to pick up a sample of the first ever quarter cask matured Kilchoman, and as such, I feel lucky. This was bottled exclusively for Master of Malt, who I assume showed up with the quarter cask themselves on an…

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