Kilchoman 7 2008

Kilchoman 7 2008 2.jpg

New series called “There will be Kilchoman till the score is paid”, in which I review Kilchoman until I run out of Kilchoman.

It’s a simple concept.

The first time we do anything is universally seen as a big moment. If we think about sex, the ideas of the first kiss and first time come up quite a bit. If we think about school, the first day of elementary, middle, and high school, as well as college/university are always discussed. Not to mention parents will list off the first times their kids do something, from screaming at some random person cutting their hair to their first happy steps.

What about whisky, that thing that I write about? Well, first times still have a place in whisky. People will discuss their first whisky tried, their first whisky enjoyed (note those rarely intersect), their first whisky cocktail you enjoyed, and that first…

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