Armorik Maître de Chai 2008 & Armorik 13 2002 (cask 3260)

During the Norman invasion of England, there was a cultural sharing that persists to today. And also a lot of war, killing, and generally horrible things.

Let’s keep this positive though. Due to the help of various Brittany lords with William the Conquerer’s invasion, they were given large tracts of lands in England. Thus part of whisky culture that ties into aspects of that invasion, which not only impacted England but also had an effect on Scotland and Ireland, places where tasty whisky is made.

Thus when Warenghem distillerie, with their 83 years of experience in distilling, decided to explore that cultural bridge by making whisky. Or rather they just wanted to make whisky. So in 1983, they decided to make a whisky, releasing one, after a trip to Scotland, in 1987.

It was a blend and this review is not about it. Rather it’s about an idea they had…

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