Eddu Grey Rock & Eddu Silver Brocéliande

Back in 1921, in Plomelin, France, there was a second-hand pot still mean for the odd making of cider brandy, locally known as lambig. Thus a distillery starts, not with a big rumble, but with a tiny burble and the want for some brandy every so often.

The family kept up the tradition, with the son taking over from mother, then son taking over from father, and so on, and so on. The family would go from town to town with the still, distilling cider as they went.

Finally, in 1986, the family planted apple orchards, settling down and starting their own fully fledged, more “not travelling pants” version of the distillery. The Distillerie des Menhirs was started, creating the first Pommeau de Bretagne, which now can only be made in the Brittany region.

But what does this all have to do with whisky? You see while starting up this…

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