Compass Box Circus

Compass Box Circus 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/scotchchick for the sample.

Distillers usually get all the glory. We pick out single casks, store picks, and everything else and note the interesting mashbills, cask choices, and water sources. They deserve this praise because seriously it’s an art.

However, when it comes to vattings and blends of whiskies, master blenders are sometimes mixed. We don’t always have them in mind when a good whisky comes out. And by we, I mean me, and I’m projecting it onto all of you.

Enter Compass Box Circus. Why name it Circus? Were there exquisite elephants used in the making of this? Luckily no, this has nothing to do with the bad environments animals go through in circuses.

Charlie Chaplan is famous for many parts, though the most iconic is probably his clown makeup. So iconic that it doesn’t even have a name; it’s just Charlie Chaplan. And without the…

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