Four Heartwood Whiskies

Thanks to /u/Uncletobys for the samples.

Heartwood is an independent bottler. However, to stop there in describing them doesn’t really do them justice.

Most independent bottlers make their way into a distillery, buy a cask that the distillery is willing to sell (typically one that doesn’t fit with their release schedules or flavour profiles), they bottle it, and sell it out to us, the whisky lovers.

Heartwood decided that they needed to go that extra step: They have an entire warehouse. 7000+ litres of whisky. All from Tasmania, all aging how they want it, in casks they move it about.

Frankly that’s hardcore by any standards. Few other independent bottlers have the space to do that for all of their releases. Few have someone on hand who can vat these together, or handle the casks.

Not only that, they source the unaged spirit from the distilleries. And then age it…

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