Stagg Jr. – 9th Edition

Stagg Jr Batch 9 2.jpg

Thanks /u/devoz for the sample.

I recently posted a review of George T. Stagg from 2017, in which I noted I enjoyed it quite a bit. During the review, some had mentioned that they had tried it alongside Stagg Jr. – 9th Edition, and during blind tests, had preferred it over the last year’s GTS.

Quite the bombshell, and exciting too. It’s easier to obtain Stagg Jr. – 9th Edition, as it’s aged for less year and has more bottles out. Also somehow the local provincial liquor cartel had obtained it, and as such, I was excited that there was a bourbon I could attempt to try.

Thus I was poured a sample to see what I thought about this comparison. It should be noted that George T. Stagg and Stagg Jr. are different, with different age statements, different barrels, etc. in the making of it. Also, a…

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