Dalmore 18

Dalmore 18 2.jpg

I keep coming back to Dalmore.

Most people would ask why. Heck, lots of people asked why I bought a sample of Dalmore 18 when I had my last chance at ordering Master of Malt into the US.

Simply put, I truly believe all distilleries have at least one offering for me to enjoy. I’ve found them at others, and in this case, I thought I had already found it in Dalmore 15.

Wait, that’s not the reason. The reason is I’m applying completionist, video game logic to these things and I need to get it. That’s why.

So we have Dalmore 18. It’s ex-bourbon aged and then finished in a Matusalem Sherry Butt. Specifically, Oloroso sherry, as that seems to be what Matusalem makes and also what I’ve found. Please correct me if I’m incorrect there.

What I do know is Dalmore does have a premium price. And…

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