Glenlivet 2001 Gordon & MacPhail Smiths Edition


One thing I’ve had a habit of doing, prior to elaborate tastings, is sit down and pour a primer dram. As I’ve been quite busy the last few months, my wife and I have missed a few date nights.

Many would expect a date night at Ardbeg Day to be a little silly and something my whisky appreciating (though not totally reviewing) wife would look at me with cross eyes, however, due to the great Ardbeg pulled pork sandwich, oysters, and amazing whisky lineup, I wasn’t displaced to the doghouse just yet.

Which is for the best, as we don’t even have a dog.

But wait! It’s my date night too! So I needed a primer dram before doing some reviews. Thus I found they had Glenlivet 2001 Gordon & MacPhail Smiths Edition. The idea? A simple one. It’s an independently bottled Glenlivet that’s released with retro labels. There’s…

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