GlenDronach Single Cask – Multiple

So I have this bad habit of going overboard on things and hoarding stuff. This year I’ve been doing my best to attempt to get through a backlog that I’m now calling “silly”, which includes quite a few series.

Which brings us to GlenDronach single casks. A while ago someone mentioned it wasn’t a vertical unless it went through an unbroken sequence of whiskies starting with the youngest to the oldest. I had originally planned on getting one GlenDronach Single Cask of each possible age. Yet I missed a key element.

What I missed out on is there’re some differences when it comes to GlenDronach’s single cask line. Yes, it’s similar to others in that these are all single casks, all unique, all having a vintage and an age and typically being from an ex-sherry cask or having an ex-sherry finish. There’s a set number of bottles. However, there are…

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