High West Yippee Ki-Yay

High West Yippee Ki Yay.jpg

Had a tasting. Didn’t have a set idea. Just brought out whiskies we wanted to drink. Like we should.

I decided upon High West Yippee Ki-Yay. Why? Because something this odd needs to be savoured.

But what is High West Yippee Ki-Yay? The name would denote using ex-bean casks and potentially quoting Blazing Saddles while it ages. I don’t know about the second part. I assume that’s it’s always a chance.

So start with High West Double Rye, and then finish is in ex-Syrah red wine barrels and ex-Vermouth barrels. Double rye is a blend of straight rye whiskeys aged from 2 to 16 years, and the three mashbills of the components are:

  • 95% rye, 5% barley malt from MGP
  • 53% rye, 37% corn, 10% barley from barton
  • 80% rye, 20% malted rye from High West Distillery

And why name it something that at least one of our…

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