Highland Park 21 1979 Adelphi

Highland Park 21 1979 Adelphi.jpg

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a dram of this.

So you’re having a whisky tasting. One of those times where you focus on your hobby and forget the horrible world outside that’s slowly burning down to the ground.

First, you had a light world whisky, then you had an interesting American whiskey, and thus we can start onto Scotch. And since we went wide, and our group doesn’t contain any of the peat averse, we’ll start with a lightly peated at the same time as starting Scotch.

But when someone says light peat, what do you think about? I mean other than the scorching pile of bodies and shit that make up the world? I actually blank.

Until someone mentioned Highland Park, and then I remember that they lightly peat their whisky. So the obvious is Highland Park 21 1979 Adelphi, a refill cask Highland Park that is a…

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