Bruichladdich Octomore 08.2

Octomore 8.2.jpg

Thanks to /u/throzen for pouring a sample of this for me.

A long time ago (by whisky standards, not by, you know, adult standards), the Island known as Islay (which means Island in Gaelic, thus being redundant) decided they needed to know who was the peatiest whisky. Some of the distilleries ignored this call to action, as let’s be honest, while it’s funny, it’s also a dick measuring contest, and dicks are silly and have very little use that requires longer and bigger.

Where was I? Oh, yes. It turns out this silly contest created some nice whiskies. Enter: Octomore. The winner of the most peated, we saw that adding so much peat to something that it makes smoked meat cough made an interesting whisky. Adding this interesting spirit to different casks over the years have given us supercharged whiskies at younger ages. And they’ve experimented with it in pretty…

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