Glengoyne 18

Glengoyne 18 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5  for this dram.

I recently figured out I had a couple Glengoyne samples around. So I finally got around to trying Glengoyne 12 for the last review.

Skipping over the other middle child at fifteen years, we have Glengoyne 18. How has it changed, save for six more years? Well, I’m glad I asked myself just now. I’m great.

Instead of using ex-bourbon casks, like what you get with Glengoyne 12 (I assume, they don’t call out the cask), this is purely aged in second-fill sherry casks and first-fill sherry casks.

This is also one of the newer add-ons, as in 2012, when we were thinking the world would end and then it did, replacing the 17-year-old version. I’ll have to hunt down a sample to see how they differ at some point.

So let’s see how changing the casks and enjoying six more years…

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