Laphroaig SMWS 29.226 “Seaside Surprise”

Laphroaig SMWS 29.226 Seaside Surprise 2.jpg

I used to not eat a lot of seafood. My father had fished a lot as a lad and brought every piece of fish he caught home. Eventually, my grandmother, being a patient soul, informed everyone there was no more fish to enter the home until they eat what’s in the freezer. As such the idea of eating fish after that marathon fish diet was not something he savoured, and we had it every so often.

Then I married a Newfoundlander. For our American friends, that’s the same as saying “And then I married someone from New England” for our purposes. For the rest of the world, just add in “Person from Edinburough, Portuguese, from a fishing part of the country of your choice” and we’re all good.

So when I had a chance to try fresh scallops and pork belly, I knew it was going to be tasty. It…

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