Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask

Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask 2.jpg

I recently did a whole bunch of Kilchoman reviews and was happy they were done. Not in an “I hate that distillery” way, but in a “yay, I’ve reviewed a lot, and therefore accomplished something” way.

As part of wrapping it up, I was privileged enough to try two picks from Kensington Wine Market. Originally it was going to be three picks. There was sadly a mixup and a friend picked me up the incorrect sample.

Well, I eventually was able to pick up the correct sample, however well after some other reviews (just a few). So I’m happy to dive back into it today with Kilchoman 10 2007 KWM Single Cask.

Up until Feis Ile this year 10-year-old Kilchoman was the oldest Kilchoman on the market. This was bottled before the eleven-year-old was released, so good news: It was once one of the oldest!

Pure ex-bourbon barrel. We’ve…

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