Ben Nevis 21 1996 The Whisky Agency Heads & Tails

Ben Nevis 21 TWA H&T.jpg

By now most of you have read somewhere that Ben Nevis was hit or miss. And then in 1996, they were bought out, and someone decided to only make hit whiskies. Makes sense when you think of it.

But there’s a lesser known thing to discuss before we talk about Ben Nevis 21 1996 The Whisky Agency Heads & Tails. It’s the label.

I hope I haven’t lost you all at that point. There’s a collection of not connected whiskies that all have a person on them who is flying with an umbrella. The “Harry” or “Mary” Poppins collection is what I’ve heard them called. You’ll see these out there, brought out by The Whisky Agency.

So keep that in mind. I don’t know why, but keep it in mind.

Look, the real reason I brought that up is I’ve already talked about the whole Ben Nevis ramping up…

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