Longrow 11 Red Cabernet Franc

Longrow 11 Red Cabernet Franc 2.jpg

Sometimes consistent releases are great. Sure, the odd, random whisky is a lot of fun. And finding them is exciting. Probably part of the reason most of us, if not myself, love to review.

Heck, most of the time my reviews are for whiskies that are sold out or I’ve just gotten to. It’s partially to figure out the theme of a distillery and where it’s currently at (quality wise) but where it’s been.

Sometimes the yearly reviews are boring, sometimes they aren’t. One that hasn’t let me down yet (knock on wood) has been the Longrow Red line.

This limited run comes out each year and has the simple idea of Longrow spirit (the peatier spirit made by Springbank) that’s been matured or partially matured or finished in a wine cask of some kind. It’s been port once and all other times we’ve explored different red wine casks. The…

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