Tobermory 21 1995 Berry Bros. & Rudd

Tobermory 21 1995 Berry Bros & Rudd 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/Davyj0ne5  for the swap.

Talking about Tobermory is like talking about the most toxic relationship I ever was in.

You see, as an adult, I no longer can just look at it without nuance. Yes, there was mental abuse. Yes, I lashed out in horrible, misogynistic ways that, while true, also don’t help. No, they aren’t a complete monster that isn’t worth sympathy, but they don’t deserve my sympathy. If I’m to be a better person, I need to let part of it go, see things differently, forgive myself and them for making mistakes as teens, and generally stop blaming. It happened.

And that’s just Tobermory.

Dark non-humour aside, Tobermory and I had a similar rough problem. When I first tried this whisky, as the OB, I panned it. Was I in a perfect reviewing situation? Heck no, and that left me open to criticism, which I…

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