Ledaig in 4 Parts [1,500th REVIEW]

Thanks to /u/xile_ and /u/devoz for giving me these samples.

Somehow, without falling over and turning into a puddle of alcohol, I’ve hit 1,500 whisky reviews. It’s an odd moment. I started out with the mentality that people only read my reviews because they were funny, I mentioned pop culture moments, and I made dick jokes. Especially the dick jokes. If I learned anything from Shakespeare, it’s that the people want and love Dick Jokes.

Now there’re people who read these and are fans, which is odd. I’m not the next coming of Michael Jackson (either one), nor do I think everything I write is a gospel of some sort. I hold myself to some level of quality and realize after my attempt at making a video that people read these for actual information, and from my friends that people expect me to be correct.

It’s odd, to say the…

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