Edradour 14 Oloroso Finish & Edradour 16 Bordeaux Finish {Specs Liquor Store Pick}

Now to conclude my current ongoing need to finish off whiskies that all come from the same distillery, it’s time for the smallest (in size, not in ferocity) distillery in Scotland, Edradour. So remember: As one Edradour closes, another one opens. Don’t worry, I’ll be doing it again.

Thanks to /u/ScotchChick for these samples.

Specs Liquor has 100 locations across Texas, reminding me again how big Texas is. I get that its big, and provinces in Canada are too, but I live in a pretty big one and it’s only 2/3rds the size of Texas.

That’s a huge place. So Specs is in Texas. I’ve never had any of their picks. Ever. Thus it’s kinda cool that I’m trying them. Both of these are finished, though by how much I can’t really tell you. I can’t really tell you much about them, save for what the website tells me.


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