Auchentoshan 22 The Good Spirits Co.

Auchentoshan 22 The Good Spirits Co.jpg

Thanks to a friend for sharing this dram!

People who follow me on various social media type things, or at least read my reviews, know that there’s a special place in my heart for Lowlands. I can’t say why I love drinking flowers. Perhaps it’s due to something that happened to me as a child. Granted I don’t remember a brother-Rabbit-like situation that involved throwing me in a flower patch, nor having to then apologize and scrub said situation from my past. But enough about Disney, what are we drinking?

Well, we have a cask strength, ex-bourbon (maybe?) Auchentoshan with quite a few summers behind it. Yes, it’s Auchentoshan 22 The Good Spirits Co.

But here’s the thing: This came from someone who typically isn’t the biggest fan of Auchentoshan. So who will reign supreme? Luckily we’re not in an Iron Chef match and the special ingredient isn’t Auchentoshan. That’s…

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