Bowmore 18 Manzanilla – The Vintner’s Trilogy

Bowmore 18 Manzanilla 2.jpg

Thanks to the Toronto Whisky Society for supplying this sample.

Turns out I had quite a few samples of Bowmore. My stores are now so full I can’t fit any Bow-More of them. Thus that’s what I’m calling this string of reviews.

We’re seeing a time when using different casks is hitting its maturity. Some whisky nerds are about done with new and different casks. Frankly, I don’t blame them. When you’re the one buying the experiment, finding out that the new red wine cask du jour needs work and doesn’t 100% work with this distillery or whatever, you’re going to have a bad taste in your mouth.

It’s not done for any infamous reasons, either. Whiskies were tested in casks, and according to the tastes of some people, they ended up with something. Now they have to release it.

Thus when Bowmore announced the Vintner’s Trilogy, I didn’t know…

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