Bowmore 19 1997 Adelphi (cask 2411)

Bowmore 19 1997 Adelphi 2.jpg

Thanks to /u/catharticintent for this sample

Turns out I had quite a few samples of Bowmore. My stores are now so full I can’t fit any Bow-More of them. Thus that’s what I’m calling this string of reviews.

When talking about whisky, there are different groups of people. There’s the group that believes adding anything to whisky is an affront to all the world should hold sacred. And then there’s a group that believes you should always add water to all whiskies.

As someone who went from the first group to the second, it’s impressive when you find a whisky that really, really loves water. Takes to it really well and opens up into an amazing whisky.

However, there’s always that one whisky that doesn’t help. Bowmore 19 1997 Adelphi (cask 2411) reminds me that water doesn’t always help, and sometimes whisky is good by itself.

So let’s get to…

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